At Drexel University, the future is not a hazy glow on the horizon. It is a place our students and faculty actively invent and design, engineer and refine.

For this we thank our founder, Anthony J. Drexel. He revolutionized higher education by embedding his Institute in the heart of Philadelphia, instilling it with a pragmatic, real-world focus, and opening its doors to all, in the spirit of a just, diverse society.

Today, more than ever, Drexel is that ambitious, pushing-forward community, still striving to make life better. And we keep our doors open, ensuring that talented students from all backgrounds have access to a Drexel education.

With world-class research, we embrace global and local challenges such as air and water pollution, health disparities and market disruption. Forging solutions, we break through traditional academic silos and nurture campus-community partnerships. The results range from functional fabrics that are transforming energy, medicine and defense, to unique approaches for autism, cybersecurity, K-8 education, first-responder safety and criminal justice.

Momentous developments like these inspired us to launch our most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. Our goal is to raise $750 million while engaging all of our 150,000 alumni, along with as many friends and supporters as possible.

Your investment will:

Provide scholarships to ensure that a Drexel education is available to students from all backgrounds, as long as they have the ability, drive and academic dedication it requires.

Increase availability of co-op stipends for students who want to pursue careers in the arts and other nonprofits, international affairs and humanities — areas offering only unpaid co-ops.

Continue expanding impactful interdisciplinary research, which enriches opportunities for graduate students, enhances Drexel's reputation, and jumpstarts new industries and growth.

Maximize the social impact of innovations and community partnerships that begin at Drexel and enhance lives in our community, the region and the world.

Join us in this unprecedented opportunity to take Drexel to the next level.

Make your mark with Drexel